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A typical Currywurst (drool!)

In one of his recent posts entitled “Where to, guvnor?” (“Guvnor” is a term used in Britain by certain people who think that their customers are totally superior or of a higher class to them) TMR, the blogger behind “C64 Crap Debunk” mentioned that he can’t cook, or hardly at all. His exact words were…

“Your correspondent is a truly appalling cook and, although he’s just about capable of the basics, would expect anybody else to simply laugh at his opinion of what they’re doing in the kitchen;”

This is an amazing revelation! Now we can assume from this that C64 programmers are not only excellent at maths, but we can look into this new revelation that they can’t cook either!

TMR then went on to say…

“so why the author, as someone with no real programming knowledge, would expect to be taken seriously when writing about said subject is a mystery.”

This is actually quite simple to explain. The reason is that I’m playing a role like the character Jo Grant in classic Doctor Who (Third Doctor/Jon Pertwee era)  , instead of the role of Liz Shaw from the same era. Liz Shaw was a qualified scientist, who tried to talk to the Doctor about technology on his own level, but most of the audience couldn’t understand what they were talking about. Jo Grant however, started off by telling the Doctor that she’d taken an ‘A’ Level in science, but then later admitted “I never said I passed!” This was so The Doctor would have to explain things to her to help the audience understand the technical terms The Doctor was talking about. What this means is that while TMR is just showing off as a know it all about programming the Commodore 64, I’m telling the vast majority of people how they might be able to learn to program it to do simple things, in spite of the shitty Commodore manuals.


Chili con Carne (yum yum!)

As for me, before the Commodore 64 came out, I was already cooking fried chicken breasts and baking cakes, so this explains why my brain wasn’t capable of programming the Commodore 64 in BASIC V2. Later on, I cooked potato, cheese and onion bake from a Toshiba microwave cookbook, then after abandoning the C64, I went on to creating my own BSE free recipes for Chili con Carne, and Spaghetti Bolognese, and even managed to assemble the ingredients for and cook a Currywurst, which a Danish/German woman from Flensburg said tasted quite authentic. This means I have no chance of ever coding a C64 demo, so I could only do the graphics, the music and cook the coders some of the  dishes mentioned above so they don’t have to live on fast food while coding!


The type of Commodore 64 I owned (Yuck!)

TMR has spent quite a lot of time recently posting about C64 demos, but during my time as a Commodore 64 owner, I never heard about any demos at all, so I certainly wasn’t planning to create any. There may have been some official Commodore dealer demos, as well as a kind of demo of sprites and music on an official Commodore tape, bundled with my C64 or in the Introduction to BASIC course, but that’s it. If these demos required a disk drive, then obviously I couldn’t have loaded them. As far as I’m concerned, the type of demos he’s talking about only started with the Amiga and Atari ST computers. A further revelation about this was recently made by TMR, when it turned out that the first demos he ever saw weren’t actually released until 1986. This means that he never saw any demos during the period of time when I owned a C64.


That’s all for now! Look out for another revalation from me soon!!





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