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Map of the county of Greater London

I’m just posting this to let everyone know about the future or even the end of this blog.

I’m currently finishing up another post in the series “Drawing The Line”, which is in Commodore BASIC V2 and includes what seems to be a bug with the technique used. After this, I hope to make another post about how to draw a line on the C64 in 6502 Assembly Language/Machine Code, but it’s from a book which included a listing for its own Assembler. I couldn’t find a copy of this Assembler to download, so I spent a lot of time typing it in, then debugging it, because there were no checksums, but unfortunately I still haven’t managed to get it working. Due to this, I’ve been looking at how to get the code to run on another Assembler, but I haven’t succeeded yet. I could also make a few changes in the program accompanying the series “Oh, That Would Be Very Difficult!”, so that the path of the sprite is different, the missile actually hits the sprite, and the advanced MSX BASIC sprite collision detection and interrupt commands are used, but that requires more work than the “Drawing The Line” posts. I may be too late now, for the following reasons.

It seems my search for a new home has now run out of time. I’m less than a week away from eviction and haven’t got any appointments to view anywhere. This means that I could attempt suicide when I’ve got three days left to the eviction, so that if I fail I can have another chance to get it right, or I could agree to become homeless, then face being ground down into the shit, which is the fate that property developers and landlords have prepared for me. It may be that if I agree to abandon London, so they can transform it into whatever they like, then they’ll let me have a new home. This may include depriving me of my votes in the upcoming London Mayoral and Greater London Assembly (GLA) elections in May 2016, which I hope will result in more powers for the GLA, better housing, and even the reform of London’s postal addresses, so that everywhere in London will be called London, instead of the counties where parts of it used to be.

I was just thinking what David Bowie (RIP) would have done if he’d started out in recent years. He might have been told to “stop dreaming”, adopt a “smart appearance” and get a “proper job”. Bowie started his life living in Brixton, in central south London, but at age 6, he moved with his parents out to Bromley, which was then officially outside London, although it became part of London in 1965 when David Bowie was 18. This isn’t recognised in postal addresses even now. He later lived at a few addresses in central London, before moving out to Beckenham near Bromley aged 22, although he was only lodging for 6-7 months, instead of having a self contained flat, but then moved into a nearby flat also in Beckenham and lived there for 3 years 7 months, before spending about 11 months at 2 central London addresses. After this, he lived at lots of addresses round the World. You can read the full list of addresses on http://www.bowiewonderworld.com/faq.htm#p08

As for me, I started out in London Borough of Bexley, just north of where Bowie lived, but my family never moved because my Dad turned the house into a slum with unfinished DIY jobs and he was a hoarder. While there, I started playing electric guitar and bass, and I owned a Commodore 64. After my Dad died, my music and a lead from a singer whose classified ad I answered led me to a flat somewhere in northeast London and on the tube network, then to some other flats in central London, so I don’t think my situation has been caused by wanting to live in central London instead of the suburbs.

That’s all for now!

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