TandyPricesTandy Color Computers offered a cheap, easy to program, alternative to the Apple ][ AND the Commodore 64!

Be sure not to miss my last post on book reviews which I’ve only posted today!

I just thought I should point out two recent sensible comments which I’ve just replied to, although it took me a little while to think up really good replies. I don’t approve or reply to comments which I think are just C64 propaganda, but if you want to see them, then you can visit where the latest post is about the Commodore 64 hardware itself, not about programming it at all. This blog is about trying to PROGRAM that hardware!

I’ll post links to these comments here, to make them easier to find. (then scroll down to the comment from “cyber” and my amazing reply)

I also thought I should take this opportunity to post a link back to the beginning of this blog, in August 2012.

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