Jack Tramiel, the culprit for the Commodore 64’s antique BASIC, which saved Commodore about US$50,975,000 in royalties to Microsoft

I recently got an annual report from WordPress, telling me how well, or how badly my blog has been doing.

I was surprised to read about how various visitors were finding their way to my blog, under the heading “Referring Sites”. It was only then that I found out about another WordPress blog, called , which is the second most popular referring site after ! I think that blog was probably mentioned on the forums at , but I didn’t notice it all all. The blog is by TMR, a Commodore 64 fanatic who can actually program the Commodore 64 in Assembly Language!


An avatar used by TMR, my PR Manager

I’m not sure what TMR stands for, but it could be something like The Maths Reviser, The Maths Researcher, The Maths Religion, or The Maths Religionist*. Any other suggestions are welcome. I rejected ONE comment from him, because it said something like if he could program the Commodore 64, then anyone could do it. Since then, he’s never attempted to post any more comments on my blog posts. Of course, absolutely anything is possible for some people but wouldn’t be possible for the vast majority. I get the distinct impression that he’s brilliant at maths and can probably do differential calculus and quadratic equations, whatever they are. My Dad used to talk about these things and he wanted me to do them one day. I’m not good at maths and I used to regularly get kept in for half an hour at the beginning of the lunch break at school, by a nasty maths teacher, who was obsessed with geometry. TMR may also have memorised all the logarithmic tables, although my nasty maths teacher said we didn’t have to. It takes a certain type of brain to do that. Some people can memorise phone books. He has admitted to owning an Atari 800XL computer in this post , so I think that’s probably how he learnt 6502 Assembly Language. After this, thanks to the nice, user friendly Atari BASIC easing him into 6502 Assembly Language, he was able to program the Commodore 64 with its 6502 compatible 6510 CPU.


An Apple iMac G3

As I’ve only recently found his blog, I’d like to take this opportunity to clear up a few points. I’m NOT a computer professional and haven’t got all that much money, so this is why the “technical problem” took a couple of months to sort out. In the meantime, I was reduced to using an old Apple iMac G3, which couldn’t cope with certain technologies on various websites. I only bought this iMac G3 (for less than £10 on eBay) to find out more about the Mac, then I found out just how old fashioned this model was. I was only able to view most websites at all, because of a web browser called Classilla, featured on , which often emulates mobile devices to view mobile versions of websites. I could possibly have used it to update my WordPress blog by installing Yellow Dog Linux (for Power PC processors), but I chose to preserve it as a classic Mac instead. My laptop which broke down wasn’t Microsoft powered any more, because I abandoned Windows for Ubuntu Linux . Even if it HAD been using Microsoft Windows, I’m sure it wouldn’t have minded me bashing Commodore 64 BASIC, because if everyone or at least a few more companies apart from Commodore had bought a perpetual licence for an early Microsoft BASIC, then Microsoft would probably have gone bust. Later on, I bought a second hand HP Pavilion laptop with a large screen and a 64 bit processor for £160. This is all you need, in spite of what various manufacturers and software houses tell you. Also, don’t forget , which probably also applies to Windows 8. The only fantasy posts on my blog so far have been “A World without the Commodore 64” and “Shipwrecked with Commodore PETS”. Everything else I’ve posted about actually happened to ME!

So, thanks TMR for helping to make my blog more popular and Happy New Year! 

* I’ve just read that TMR stands for The Magic Roundabout, but I think my own suggestions above were closer to the mark

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