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nullSimon's BASIC

The relevant Wikipedia article about how Commodore expected C64 users to pay good money to fix their messed up antique BASIC and then not even be able to run these programs on any C64 whose owner hadn’t also paid for what was already built in on nearly  all other computers is here . I never even heard of it when I owned a Commodore 64. Commodore also marketed Simon’s BASIC, which was on a cartridge and seemed to be the most widely known extended BASIC, but lots of third party extended BASICs were available. I never heard of any extended BASIC which compiled programs, creating stand alone code. That would probably have required a disk drive, but the Commodore 1541 disk drive cost more than the f*ckin’ computer itself, so it made sense just to sell this pile of crap and buy an Amstrad CPC, a BBC Micro, an Acorn Electron, a Sinclair Spectrum,  an Atari 400/800/XL, a Dragon, an Oric, or any computer at all which wasn’t made by Commodore!

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  1. i once had a compiled simmon basic on a floppy
    me and my dad used it because it was very fast

  2. My points were that there was no way you should have needed a replacement BASIC and, in any case, Simon’s BASIC programs wouldn’t run on any Commodore 64 without the SImon’s BASIC cartridge fitted. I did hear about a pirate copy on cassette, though. I don’t know what you mean by saying it was “compiled”. I never heard of any compiler for it, but I assume a disk drive would’ve been required for compilation. As I pointed out, the disk drive cost more than the computer itself, so the cheaper solution was to sell that pile of crap and buy another non Commodore computer!

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